VCY Mantos – Manado | Vika Harmony Arsitek, Surabaya

VCY Mantos – Manado

VCY Boutique, 60 sqm
Manado Town Square ( MANTOS 2 ), Manado, North Sulawesi

“I design this boutique with all my heart” , the architect says.
The architect is given a single blank sheet plan of a 60 sqm store. Its blank, white and the clue is only one word “ Vintage “. Having no idea at all, no clue how to start it and the shape of the store is square with 5m on the front side.
In search of vintage, after trying several shape and asking to the client what is their imaginary about the boutique concept, finally the first line is begin.
The main concept of this boutique is displaying shoes and bag. “This store looks so small”, the client said. The way out is put a wide wall of mirror. And it works. And then how to make this shoes boutique stylish and vintage ? Ornament is the answer. By putting a vintage flower ornament to the center of every single the rack, make a strong visual of vintage style.
The curve that the architect choose is very simple. Looks like the three number with half round in the middle. All the rack is flying. The Vintage shape that the architect choose is applied anywhere. Even at the drop ceiling. The repetition curvy shape make the boutique atsmosphere so elegant and more Vintage.
Three different size of display table is put at the center part. At window display, the design team put several modern tubular shoes display. In order to make a clear view of the boutique inside.
The main color of Vercelly boutique is white, but the client want to add some orange to make a difference and fresh look. So, we decide to apply it at the cashier table, stool and shoes tree display. With vintage ornament off course.
To make it complete, two classic modern chandelier with black canvas is choose. Essential lighting is very important to build the real atmosphere of the boutique. The architect and the client put several LED spot light, 5 downlight and cove lamp to build the Vintage ambient.
The result is amazing. Some people came by, enjoy their shopping moment, embrace by its ambient and many scuba divers lady from abroad spent their non flight period to this boutique. “This boutique is beautiful”, they said.
We hope many more women come to Vercelly boutique and bring home their favourite shoes, with one place that stay in their heart, VCY.