MINI ME Cake & Cookies – Manado | Vika Harmony Arsitek, Surabaya

MINI ME Cake & Cookies – Manado

Mini Cake Shop – Home Store, 9sqm ( 2.5m x 4m )

Griya Paniki Indah – Manado, North Sulawesi

Small, cute and colourful. Sherly, the owner of this home store, have only these space as her store. “This all I have”, she said. I like her taste about colour. She put yellow, orange, red and green around her home without doubt at all. Fun and expressive. This mini cake shop provides cake cup, roll cake and tasteful cookies. Ordinary cookies that anybody loves to serve. I started to put one medium round table display at the center of the store. As the main display of this store. Cup Cake is the main cake that sales on MiniMe. I design three storey round table, create it as cup cake fountain. So customer can walking around this table choosing cup cake that displayed.

Then we put one cooler display rack for drinks at the corner. Because the owner also provides a small bench for customer who wants to eat the cake directly. Next, I put slim table display to put hot item that sales on her store. So she can display roll cake and a few box of cookies. The letter L wall is the only space that can be maximizing. We create modern rack along the wall to display cookies. Small box is separated from standart box. There’s also homemade jam that displayed along the rack.

What about storage ? We are agree used 60cm space from floor as the storage. The wall is covered with wallpaper, but I’d love to add more butterflies paper and stick it on the wall to create eye catching décor. The outside of this cake shop finished with decorated bricks. The owner choose red colour gradation to fill her outside wall. A little white fence with flower beyond one large window is the compliment. The main façade of her home store is geometric modern. I created flexible line along her façade. Colourful for sure, as her taste. With asymetry coloumn at the left and the right side. Black stone is choosen to make one of its coloumn look strong and stylish. Small space is a challenge, the space that we’ve been looking for is always there. Its just a matter of perspective. As long we can see it, we can create it.